Christmas Advent Calendar

Celebrate Advent and learn Christmas trivia in this colorful Advent calendar!

Advent Games Festival is a game in which you will test your skills and knowledge about Christmas using the daily challenges included in this colorful Advent calendar.

Tackle everyday gameplay modes and discover the new Advent calendar levels available in our winter games. Get new daily rewards each day opening our Advent calendar.

Let our Advent calendar game join your Christmas preparations and celebration of the Advent season.

Now you can take your Advent calendar with you and open its windows in a convenient place and time for you!

You will never miss any of the days of the Advent period again.

Put yourself in a festive mood with the help of in-game songs and colourful graphics!

Feel the freezing climate of our games and help the inhabitants of your winter town prepare for the holiday season!

It’s up to you whether they’ll spend the holiday in the warm comfort of their home or be left to the cold gusts of winter.


Try it now!